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Dental Implant Dentist Staten island

Healthy Smiles of Staten Island prides itself on providing the best, most comprehensive care and results when it comes to dental implants. Dr. Joseph Cipriano and his team perform the entire dental implants procedure from start to finish here at our Staten Island dental office. This full-service, in-house approach does away with the inconvenience and extended timeline that comes with having to bounce back and forth from a dentist to an oral surgeon and then back again. 

Dr. Cipriano has years of experience providing dental implants from the first stages to final checkups, allowing him to execute all phases of the dental implant procedure. With multiple oral care providers, there are just too many cooks in the kitchen. Rather than multiple appointments, a lot of back-and-forth between the dentists, and loss of time, Dr. Cipriano completes the entire procedure. This allows for a speedy implant and recovery time along with a more accurate assessment of how the implants will look once completed. 

What are dental implants? 

Dental implant surgery has become the gold standard for replacing missing, severely damaged, or unhealthy teeth. Rather than using the old methods of dentures that never seem to fit just right or bridges that often suffer from the same problem, implant surgery is used to provide beautiful, permanent teeth that are far more durable and life-like. 

This method is preferred for both beauty and functionality. Using implants, a metal screw-like post, or artificial tooth root, is implanted into the jawbone. This allows for a firm foundation for the new teeth as well as preventing the bone loss that comes from the absence of tooth roots in the jaw. It’s a relatively simple and painless process with today’s modern technology that’s able to be tailor-made to fit each person’s individual jaw and gum structure and health. This allows Dr. Cipriano to use an approach that’s perfect for each and every patient. 

Here a Healthy Smiles of Staten Island, Dr. Cipriano takes everything into account when deciding on the best course of action for each patient’s dental implant needs. Let’s take a look at how he helps his patients get their best smiles. 

What are the benefits of dental implants?

The benefits of dental implants range from a healthier mouth and a more beautiful smile to the improved self-confidence that comes along with that. They allow you to live a better life – one that’s free of pain, embarrassment, and constantly feeling like you have to hide your smile. Not to mention you can begin to enjoy the delicious foods that you love and not have to shy away from the menu at your favorite restaurant in fear of your teeth getting loose in front of your friends and family.

In the past, people with dental issues were forced to use dentures. While better than nothing, they weren’t great. Even the best dentures usually don’t fit well and require sticky, gooey adhesives to keep them in place. Let’s not forget food particles getting stuck between the mouth and the dentures. 

Today, all the uncomfortable, ill-fitting misery is a thing of the past. Dental implants provide a permanent, effective, and convenient solution for tooth loss. As technology continues to advance, these implants become even more refined and effective. 

Who are dental implants for?

Dental implants can be for anyone who needs tooth loss correction, however, they’re not right in every individual case. That’s where the initial consultation and evaluation comes in. During this process, we’ll determine if dental implants are right for our patient. 

First, we evaluate the teeth, gums, and jawbone using 3D x-rays to determine the overall health of these areas. This step is vital because the “roots” of the implants must be firmly in place. Sometimes, the best course of action regarding dental implants is to move forward, however, other times, it’s to forego them altogether. Although dental implants are the preferred method of tooth loss correction, an individual’s overall oral health may make that an impossibility. In these cases, the risk of implants just outweighs the benefits of dental implants by too much. In these cases, bridges or dentures are the only options, and well be honest about that. We’re focused on our patients’ health and happiness, not lining our pocket. 

The Dental Implant Procedure

Dr. Cipriano does implant procedures daily. These range from one tooth replacement to full-mouth implant replacement. He can and does do it all. Using modern technology and a digital approach, he ensures the accuracy of each implant, leading to a successful, permanent final result. Boiled down to its basic steps, it usually goes like this. 

  • The tooth or teeth to be replaced will be pulled (if they’re not missing already). 
  • A bone graft is performed to ensure there is a strong foundation for the implant to be anchored.
  • The dental implant is placed into the jawbone, acting as the “root” for the new tooth that will be mounted to it. 
  • Finally, the permanent tooth will be mounted to the abutment (or connecting rod) of the  implant. 

Here’s a more detailed rundown of the final steps. 

Once the dental implant has been placed, a metal healing cap is placed on the end of the implant where the new tooth will eventually go. Then, we give the jawbone time to heal, allowing the bone to fuse to the implanted metal post. 

After the jawbone has healed and fused to the implant, an abutment is placed on the implant. This is the base for the new tooth. A 3D scan of the abutment is made and used to mold the new tooth. When complete, you’ll visit us again, and we’ll place the crown and finish the implant. 

It might sound like a lot, but for our resident implant rockstar, it’s a walk in the implant park. The entire procedure is generally done in just four visits at our office at:

142 Annadale Rd

Staten Island, NY 10312

For directions and office hours, please visit our Office Hours & Directions page. 

How much do dental implants cost?

One of the biggest questions we get from our clients is “how much do dental implants cost?”. In fact, that question is more common than questions like “do dental implants hurt?”, or even “what is the success rate of dental implants?” We get it. Price is an important consideration. After all, we have families to provide for. We understand that for most people, cost is the most important part of the procedure to know. While you might have concerns over the upfront cost of implants, the real secret is that they just might be more cost-effective than you think and even considered an investment. 

On the surface, implants can appear to be incredibly expensive, especially when compared to other tooth replacement methods like dentures or bridges. However, if you look further, the cost-effectiveness begins to shine through. 

Dentures and bridges, the two alternatives to implants, typically have to be repaired or replaced every 5 to 10 years. This ends up costing more money in the long run than getting implants that last a lifetime when properly cared for. In addition to long-term savings, they also provide better long-term health because they prevent the bone loss that comes from a lack of roots in the jaw. Bridges and dentures can’t do this. 

Dental implants are becoming more and more common, and they’re necessary in many cases. Unfortunately, most insurance companies still don’t cover them, or at least, they don’t cover them fully. However, you can use Care Credit to finance your implants over time without the burden of paying one lump sum upfront. 

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Dental implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement, but are they the gold standard for you? That’s a question we can help you answer. Our highly-experienced Staten Island dental implant dentist, Dr. Cipriano will work with you to answer all your questions regarding the procedure, its outcomes, and its cost. If you’ve been considering dental implants, we’d love to meet you and provide a consultation. At Healthy Smiles of Staten Island, it’s our mission to provide the highest-quality oral health and rejuvenation possible.

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