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Dental Bridges
Losing teeth can affect your oral function and diminish your confidence in your smile. Discover the transformative benefits of dental bridges at Healthy Smiles of Staten Island, restoring your ability to speak, eat, and smile with confidence. Explore how our custom bridges can effectively address tooth loss and enhance your overall oral well-being.


What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge, offered by Dr. Cipriano at Healthy Smiles of Staten Island, is a restorative dental treatment used to replace one or more missing teeth. Dr. Cipriano provides traditional dental bridges, the most common type, consisting of dental crowns (caps) on both ends with pontics (artificial teeth) in between. Additionally, he offers implant-supported bridges, where the bridge is anchored to surgically placed dental implants. These implants enhance stability and durability, ensuring a secure and advanced restorative option for those seeking to restore both the form and function of their smile. Dental bridges not only restore the aesthetics of a complete smile but also improve oral function by filling the gaps left by missing teeth. Custom-designed to match the natural appearance of your teeth, they represent a popular and effective solution.


Types of Dental Bridges
Dental bridges come in four main types, providing patients with options tailored to their specific oral health requirements. Let's take a deeper look:
Traditional Dental Bridge
A traditional dental bridge features a false tooth or teeth secured by dental crowns cemented onto each abutment tooth. This popular bridge type is suitable when natural teeth are present on both sides of the gap caused by a missing tooth.
Cantilever Dental Bridge
Similar to a traditional bridge, a cantilever dental bridge utilizes a dental crown to secure the pontic, but it is cemented to only one abutment tooth. This design is advantageous when only one natural tooth is adjacent to the missing tooth gap.
Maryland Dental Bridge
Maryland dental bridges, akin to traditional bridges, rely on two natural abutment teeth, each on one side of the gap. However, instead of dental crowns, Maryland bridges use a framework of metal or porcelain bonded to the backs of the abutment teeth.

Maryland bridges are applicable only when a natural tooth exists on each side of the gap caused by the missing tooth or teeth.
Implant-Supported Dental Bridge
Utilizing dental implants instead of crowns or frameworks, implant-supported bridges are considered the strongest and most stable option. Typically, one implant is placed for every missing tooth, anchoring the bridge in position. In cases where placing one implant for each missing tooth is impractical, the bridge may have a pontic suspended between two implant-supported crowns.

This robust system typically involves two surgeries: one to embed the implants in the jawbone and a second to place the bridge. The entire procedure may span several months for completion.


What Is the Cost of Dental Bridges?

Determining the cost of a dental bridge involves various factors that contribute to the overall expense. These include the number of teeth required to fill the gap, the materials chosen (such as composite resin, zirconia, or metal alloy covered in resin), the complexity of the placement, and any additional treatments necessary for associated dental issues like gum disease. Moreover, the type of bridge selected influences the expenses. Traditional or cantilever bridges typically encompass one pontic and a crown for each abutment tooth, while Maryland bridges involve one pontic with the framework attached to the abutment teeth. For implant-supported bridges, the cost can vary based on the number of dental implants and teeth involved. Our Staten Island dental practice accepts most insurances and will assist in maximizing the coverage available to you. Call us or contact us through our website to schedule a consultation tailored to your specific needs.


Benefits of Dental Bridges
Embark on a journey to reclaim your smile's full potential with dental bridges. From restoring functionality to offering affordability and lasting peace of mind, discover how our comprehensive dental solutions at Healthy Smiles of Staten Island can enhance your oral well-being and bring back the joy in everyday activities.
Unlocking Your Smile's Potential
Regain the ability to enjoy the activities you love, from engaging in conversations with confidence to indulging in your favorite foods, by addressing missing teeth with a dental bridge and natural-looking pontics.
Affordable Restoration Options
Dental bridges offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for tooth restoration. If you're seeking a budget-friendly choice without compromising on quality, consult with our Staten Island dentist about the benefits of dental bridges. Additionally, we provide flexible financing options to accommodate your needs.
Sustainable Comfort and Assurance
Experience lasting peace of mind as your dental bridge, with dedicated care, can endure up to 15 years. Our commitment extends to emergency dentistry services, ensuring that you can always rely on your trusted Staten Island team for any dental needs that may arise.


Implant-Supported Bridges vs. Traditional Bridges

Considering tooth replacement options? Implant-supported bridges present a modern and advanced solution compared to traditional dental bridges. While not everyone is a candidate for implant-supported bridges, they stand superior in most cases, offering:

Enhanced Stability and Durability

Implant-supported bridges offer superior stability and durability compared to traditional dental bridges. By anchoring to dental implants surgically placed in the jawbone, they provide a secure foundation, preventing issues like slipping or movement that can sometimes occur with traditional bridges.

Preservation of Adjacent Teeth

Unlike traditional bridges that rely on adjacent natural teeth for support, implant-supported bridges do not affect neighboring teeth. This means that the adjacent natural teeth are preserved, contributing to long-term oral health and reducing the risk of potential issues associated with modifying healthy teeth.

Bone Health Maintenance

Dental implants used in implant-supported bridges stimulate the jawbone, promoting bone health and preventing bone loss. Traditional bridges, which lack this implant integration, do not provide the same level of stimulation, potentially leading to bone resorption over time.

Natural Look and Feel

Implant-supported bridges closely mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. They provide a more natural appearance and function, allowing for confident smiles, comfortable chewing, and speech. This is a notable advantage over traditional bridges, which may not offer the same level of aesthetic and functional integration.


The Process of Crafting Your Dental Bridge
   The process begins with a thorough dental examination at our Staten Island practice, where Dr. Cipriano evaluates your oral health. If a dental bridge is considered appropriate, he determines whether you require a traditional bridge or an implant-supported bridge. 
Impressions and Temporary Bridge
  Dr. Cipriano prepares the abutment teeth (natural teeth adjacent to the gap) by removing a portion of enamel to accommodate crowns. Impressions of the prepared teeth are taken to create a custom-fit dental bridge. While the permanent bridge is being crafted, a temporary bridge is often placed to protect the exposed teeth and maintain functionality.
Dental Implants (If Applicable)
   Dr. Cipriano performs the entire dental implant surgery in-house at our Staten Island practice, eliminating the need for external referrals. After a healing period, during which implants fuse with the bone, the permanent bridge is secured, providing enhanced stability and support. Our approach prioritizes the best possible treatment outcome with your overall well-being in mind.
Permanent Bridge Placement
   Once the custom bridge is ready, it is permanently affixed or cemented onto the prepared abutment teeth. The pontics (artificial teeth) of the bridge fill the gap left by missing teeth, restoring both function and aesthetics.
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Your Experience Matters To Us

At Healthy Smiles of Staten Island, your experience matters most. We understand the apprehension around dental visits and prioritize your comfort, striving to make procedures as pain-free as possible. With transparency and your choices at the forefront, we aim to alleviate dental anxiety. Your satisfaction guides our approach, ensuring you're fully informed and empowered to make decisions aligned with your oral health goals. Trust us to be your partner on the path to a healthier, brighter smile.

​​“Dr. Cipriano is the absolute best dentist with an amazing staff! They truly care about your experience in and out of the office. They know who we are when we walk in, and make us feel like we are part of the family. After a long road of genetic dental issues and quick fixes from other providers, my daughter did not smile with her mouth open until Dr. Cipriano worked his magic on her smile. He listened to her, was patient, kind and would not finish the job until HE, was completely satisfied that my daughter was happy. It might seem like a little thing, but finally seeing my daughter smile with her teeth showing has made a world of difference for this mom. The BEST of the BEST! Thank you Healthy Smiles of Staten Island”

- Mary Q
“I grew up in SI & now live in FL. Even w/ that I have never changed my dentist. I go quarterly for cleanings. But here is why you should go here; I just flew up for Christmas, On 12/22 I needed a full root canal, typically multiple visits. Knowing I live in FL Dr. C stayed & completed the whole job, including using amazing technology to print a crown, in 1 visit. It was unreal. I had no pain & was at dinner in NYC that evening for a Christmas party.  Every person there is super nice, helpful, etc. Hands down, I will fly from FL to Newark just for an appointment here in SI. That’s how good they are, which I know sounds crazy.  But it’s worth it! If you live in Ny or Nj clearly the best dentist in the area.”

- John S
“Dr. Cipriano and his team are incredible!!! Got me right in for an emergency visit and were beyond professional, talented and kind. The office was beautiful they even had TVs on the ceiling to keep you entertained and distracted during your dental work!! I highly recommend Healthy Smiles they will exceed your expectations!!”

- Jacqueline C
“The best dental practice on Staten Island! Dr. Cipriano is great. I went in feeling super nervous and he immediately made me feel comfortable. He extracted all four of my wisdom teeth and it was a quick, easy and painless experience. I would definitely recommend anyone to come see him!”

- Alessandra V
“Healthy smiles is the best dental office on Staten Island! The staff is friendly and courteous.  Dr. Cipriano is kind and gentle , making going to the dentist pleasurable!  Appointment times are kept so there is no long waiting!! It truly feels like one big family!”

- Tara N
5-Star Reviews!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a restorative dental appliance used to replace one or more missing teeth. It typically consists of artificial teeth (pontics) supported by dental crowns.

How is a dental bridge different from a denture?

Unlike dentures, dental bridges are fixed prosthetics that are permanently attached to natural teeth or dental implants, providing a more stable and secure solution for tooth replacement.

What types of dental bridges are available?

Common types of dental bridges include traditional bridges, cantilever bridges, Maryland bridges, and implant-supported bridges. Each type serves specific needs and preferences.

How is a dental bridge installed?

The process involves preparing the abutment teeth (natural teeth adjacent to the gap), taking impressions, and then fitting a temporary bridge. Once the permanent bridge is ready, it is cemented or attached to dental implants in the case of implant-supported bridges.

Are dental bridges suitable for everyone?

While dental bridges are a viable option for many, not everyone is a candidate. Factors such as overall oral health, the condition of abutment teeth, and bone density play a role in determining suitability.

How long do dental bridges last?

With proper care and maintenance, dental bridges can last up to 10 to 15 years. Regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene practices contribute to their longevity.

Do dental bridges require special care?

Dental bridges require regular oral care, including brushing, flossing, and routine dental check-ups. It's essential to keep the surrounding gums and remaining natural teeth healthy.

Can a dental bridge be replaced?

Yes, if a dental bridge becomes damaged or worn, it can be replaced. Regular dental examinations help detect any issues early, ensuring timely intervention.

Are dental bridges covered by insurance?

Dental insurance may cover a portion of the cost of dental bridges. It's recommended to check with your insurance provider to understand the specific coverage details. Contact us for a consultation and we’ll check with your insurance provider.

Can a dental bridge improve my smile's appearance and functionality?

Yes, dental bridges not only restore the aesthetics of a complete smile but also improve oral function by filling the gaps left by missing teeth, allowing for improved speech and chewing abilities.

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