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Root Canal Dentist Staten Island

Root canals are probably the most common type of dental procedure. That's because unlike previous methods in past decades, today's root canals are often the best way to relieve tooth pain, save a damaged tooth and preserve your natural smile. The procedure addresses the "root" cause of the toothache, both alleviating the pain and saving the tooth in the process.

Today, we're talking about root canals and how we can help you address your pain and help keep your smile intact. While Dr. Cipriano is not an endodontist, he has routinely done root canals in the Staten Island area since he began practicing, giving him the experience necessary to help you and your painful tooth.

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Why are root canals necessary?

While fillings can eliminate decay and fill small voids in a tooth's exterior, there are some problems that they simply can't address. Most people need root canals due to infection. When a tooth becomes infected, it generally spreads to the center of the tooth, or the pulp. This central part of the tooth is where the nerves, blood vessels and other tissues of the tooth are located. To remove the infection and stop the pain, this portion of the tooth needs to be removed.In addition to saving the tooth, root canals can save the tissue around your tooth.

All infections spread, and if your infected tooth isn't addressed properly and in a timely manner, that infection can spread to the soft tissue and even bone surrounding the infected tooth.

What are root canals?

root canal is a procedure that essentially hollows out the tooth and fills the void with a filler. The pain addressed by a root canal is caused by the nerve in the tooth reacting to the infection in the tooth. By the time a tooth is causing this level of pain, a filling won't fix the issue. Instead, we simply remove the nerve and pulp of the tooth and replace it with a filler that entirely fills the central cavity we created. This excises the infection, removes the nerve to stop the pain, and saves the tooth itself.

Are root canals painful?

With today's technology, root canals are often as painless and comfortable as a filling. The days of horror stories of pain and discomfort are long over, especially here at Healthy Smiles. We want to make sure our Staten Island patients are comfortable and have excellent smiles, and we go the extra mile to make that happen. Typically, a root canal can be performed in one visit, however, there are some exceptions such as the anatomy of the tooth or the number of roots that may require an extra step or visit.

To begin, the area of the mouth where the infected tooth is located will be numbed using local anesthetic. Then, Dr. Cipriano will remove the soft tissue, the pulp, from the interior of the body of the tooth as well as the roots and clean the cavity left behind. Then, the cavity will be filled with what we call a biocompatible filling material. Biocompatible simply means that the filling is safe, effective, and will cause no issues for the patient. Finally, the tooth will be fitted with a permanent crown for maximum longevity.

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If you're experiencing pain in your tooth and swelling, and you live in the Staten Island area, schedule an appointment with us immediately. Dr. Cipriano is a top choice root canal dentist on Staten Island that has performed innumerable root canals, and he can help you resolve your pain, remove the infection, and keep your smile looking its best!

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