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Staten Island’s Best-Kept Secret to At-Home & In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatments

Healthy Smiles is Staten Island’s go-to source for maintaining those pearly whites. Contact us today to learn more about our teeth-whitening solutions!

Brush. Floss. Rinse. Repeat twice per day. 

It’s a routine most of us are committed to daily, yet too many people aren’t seeing the benefits. We do everything our dentists ask of us, but it only leaves us with a discolored, stained, or yellow smile. 

Why is that? 

Well, I know it’s not what you want to hear, but cleaning your teeth daily isn’t the only key to maintaining those pearly whites. It might be one of the most important factors (next to regular appointments with your Staten Island dentist), but there’s more to it than that. 

Smoking. Tobacco use. Certain foods and beverages (such as tea, coffee, berries, soy sauce, and red wine). Genetics. Illness. Medication. Even the natural aging process. 

All these things are robbing you of those white teeth you had when you were younger – and most of us are numb to it – but what if I told you there was a way out? What if I told you a brighter smile was on the horizon?

Teeth Whitening Treatment: Your Answer to a Brighter Smile

The Ancient Egyptians were the first civilization to create a teeth-whitening paste – from wine vinegar and ground pumice stone, nonetheless – but that was 4,000 years ago (and is now considered dangerous). 

Teeth-whitening treatment has come a long way since then. 

Today, most teeth-whitening gels contain carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide – both of which are considered safe with minimal side effects. You also have the option of receiving in-office treatment from a licensed dentist or doing it yourself with a take-home kit. Here are the pros and cons of each: 

  • In-office treatment offers the best and fastest results, but is often more expensive and requires a trip to your local Staten Island dentist. 
  • Take-home kits are administered in the comfort of your own home and are often cheaper, but aren’t as reliable as in-office treatment.

At Healthy Smiles, we understand that every patient has unique goals and preferences regarding their smile. That’s why we offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening solutions – to ensure our patients receive the best results possible. If you live in Staten Island, a brighter smile is right around the corner!

Philips Zoom: Our Leading In-Office Teeth Whitening Solution

The Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening system is the ‘gold standard’ in modern-day dentistry. It’s an hour-long procedure, but is clinically proven to whiten your teeth by up to eight shades after just one appointment. 

The technology consists of two major components – a whitening gel and a blue LED light: 

  • Our team applies a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel to the surface of the teeth, allowing oxygen molecules to penetrate the enamel and dentin.
  • Our team then shines a blue LED lamp onto the teeth, activating the whitening gel and speeding up the process. We repeat this process three times. 

Your dentist also applies a post-treatment gel to reduce tooth sensitivity and protect the enamel before sending you home with a Philips Zoom take-home kit – helping you maintain those pearly whites at home!

Wait, Philips Zoom has a take-home kit, too?!

I know – it just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? 

The Philips Zoom teeth whitening system is available for in-office and at-home treatment – though we recommend doing both for the best results. You can choose from one of two application options: 

Philips Zoom DayWhite. Most people see results in two weeks. The solution consists of either 9.5% hydrogen peroxide (applied twice daily for 30 minutes) or 14% HP (applied twice daily for 15 minutes).

Philips Zoom NiteWhite. Most people see results in one week. The solution consists of either 10% or 16% carbamide peroxide (applied overnight or 4-6 hours) or 22% CP (applied 1-2 hours nightly).

Don’t worry – the Philips Zoom take-home kits are easy to use. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth before adding the solution to each tooth compartment of the tray – then wear the tray like a mouthguard!

Opalescence: At-Home Teeth Whitening Treatment Made Easy

Philips Zoom is the ‘gold standard’ of teeth whitening treatment, but it’s not the only solution out there – and certainly not the only one we trust here at Healthy Smiles. 

Opalescence is another teeth-whitening solution that bleaches the teeth for a whiter smile, but it also strengthens and protects the enamel due to the fluoride and potassium nitrate in the gel – something you can’t say about Philips Zoom. 

The two most prominent take-home solutions for Opalescence include:

Opalescence Go. Pre-filled whitening trays for easy application straight out of the box. It’s available in multiple flavors and HP concentrations, allowing patients to customize their at-home treatment.

Opalescense PF. Customized whitening trays molded to fit your teeth and your teeth only. Patients must apply the solution themselves, but they have multiple HP concentrations and flavors to choose from. 

For even better results, most people add Opalescence Toothpaste – a whitening toothpaste that contains sodium fluoride – to their daily oral health routine. Ask your local dentist if this is the right option for you. 

Healthy Smiles: Staten Island’s Go-To Source for a Whiter Smile

Are your teeth discolored, yellow, or stained? Are you brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash, but not seeing the results you were hoping for? Do you dream of a day when you feel confident about your smile? 

We hear you, Staten Island – and we’re here to help!

At Healthy Smiles, we understand how frustrating it is to watch your teeth slowly transition from white to yellow – especially when doing everything your dentist asks. Don’t worry – we have the answer. 

Your initial consultation with Dr. Joseph Cipriano will determine which teeth-whitening treatment – in-office or at-home – is right for you. He explains the process thoroughly and provides precise aftercare instructions to ensure his patients achieve the perfect shade of white. 

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about how we can brighten your smile!