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Healthy Smiles of Staten Island - A Difference in Dentistry

The Healthy Smiles difference is all about listening, communication, and an honest approach to your cosmetic and oral health concerns. We're the best Staten Island dentist experience because we believe that customer service and customer care go hand in hand.

Healthy Smiles of Staten Island takes an approach to dentistry that is both professional and personal. It's an approach that we think makes a difference in the way we do dentistry. Our ultimate goal is for our patients to think of us when they think of the best dentist in Staten Island, but how do we get there? We get there by being there for our patients.

The Healthy Smiles Difference

So why should you choose Healthy Smiles of Staten Island? After all, there are dentists all over the borough. What makes us the Staten Island dentist you should choose? Of course, we're a fully accredited dental practice, and Dr. Cipriano is incredibly good at what he does. But you'd expect any dentist worth their salt to know what they're doing. We get that. In addition to Dr. Cipriano's highly developed skills and our knowledgeable staff, what really sets us apart is our approach to care and customer service, which we think go hand in hand.

The Care and Customer Service Combo

We've all been there. The dentist or doctor comes in, listens to what we say, takes a look, and then tells us what we're going to do. Did the doctor really listen? It's unclear because his responses didn't seem to take what we said into account. It can often feel like our healthcare providers - oral or otherwise - are almost waiting for us to finish talking so they can sort of get on with it. At Healthy Smiles of Staten Island, we do things differently. We're a Staten Island dental service that believes in the value of listening. We think care and customer service go hand in hand.


We take a one-on-one approach with our patients, and that starts with listening. When you step into the exam room and address your concerns about your mouth's health or appearance, we listen to what you have to say. We consider it a part of the diagnostic process. We believe in taking an approach that both considers our patients wants and needs with what their actual medical or cosmetic needs are.

Honest Communication

Honest communication is as important to us as listening. After hearing your concerns or desires regarind your mouth's health and appearance and conducting a thorough examination, we'll have an honest discussion about the health and appearance of your mouth. We'll discuss your wants and needs, giving an open, honest medical opinion of how those wants coincide with what can medically be done or should be done and how we can best help you achieve the results you want.

At Healthy Smiles, we don't believe in unnecessary procedures, and we don't upsell. We treat each and every patient as if they're family, considering their overall health and best interests while still trying to give them everything they want and need. It's a group effort here, with every step of the process laid out openly and plainly for our patients.

Peace of Mind

Finally, the Healthy Smiles difference includes peace of mind. We understand that going to the dentist or orthodontist can be daunting. It can even be downright scary. What should you expect? How painful will a certain procedure be? 

We believe the listening, communicating honestly, and providing a comfortable environment are the cornerstones of providing the peace of mind that you need in order to move forward with your medical or cosmetic dental needs. When a decision is reached, it will be reached by both us and you, ensuring that you're comfortable and confident in the plan going forward.

See the Healthy Smiles Difference for Yourself

If you have cosmetic or oral health concerns, make an appointment, and let us help you get the results you want. We look forward to showing you exactly what makes us the best Staten Island dentist experience.